Peggy Morrison

Miss Peggy is a remarkable woman with a curious mind, a fervour for knowledge, and a stoic personality that hides her big heart. Peggy has taught for over five decades at Blanche Macdonald in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing, where she has put her heart and soul into building the programs. She is the Executive Program Director of both programs.

I am grateful that Peggy has accepted and invited me to her home for this interview. Entering Peggy’s home was an honour to witness her universe, in which each corner tells a story and represents Peggy’s multitude of interests, beliefs and values. All great stories happen around the dining room table. Sitting in Peggy’s home, having a cup of coffee with her at the dining room table, and listening to her calm voice sharing her life story, was a life-touching moment for me. She is a master storyteller.

Peggy Morrison’s Interview- June 2022 in Vancouver, Canada.

Peggy’s home is a photographer’s dream. I was so inspired to take many pictures. I wanted to capture the beauty and historical meaning of each section so artistically arranged by Peggy.

The dining room wall features a collection of photos of friends – as well as artwork created by friends and photos taken by friends.

Pictures of Peggy’s eclectic and unique space. You will feel at home immediately, and you will never forget it. 

In Peggy’s words: “Assorted favourites… Lulu the 1920s store mannequin dressed for Pride Week/portrait of Todd McIntosh by Victor Penner/Kermit and Mickey/Judy and Miga”

In Peggy’s words: “The autograph wall. Hours of fun” and “The fireplace. Eagle by Clancy Gibson. A Scorpio’s dream”

Peggy’s home-June 2022

Her love for the Beatles – since 1964 – is evident everywhere. Peggy as Groucho Marx.

More pictures of the Beatles.

The bathroom’s unique decor reflects Peggy’s love of fashion icons, designers, photographers and models.

I loved the painting in her bedroom, “Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth. Peggy told me, “It was Blanche’s favourite and became one of mine, and it represents hope.”

I met Peggy in 2010 when she and Donna Boldock interviewed me when I applied to become the Director of Esthetics at Blanche Macdonald. Over the years, we have become friends. She is very thoughtful and never fails to remember her friends on their birthdays, Easter, Christmas,  and Hallowe’en (her birthday). She makes you feel special, and no doubt anyone who crosses Peggy’s path feels that way. 

Her students must be in awe and grateful to be taught by The Marvelous Miss Peggy,  whose career spans over five decades, and who exudes an unwavering passion for teaching and learning. You will realize how much she cares for her students and their success by listening to her story. I wish I were a student in her class.

Her dedication to preserving her family roots and stories impressed me the most while listening to her story. Her love and care for her brother Jimmy (Jimbob) touched my heart. 

In Peggy’s words: “Jimmy in fun times”

We have not had a chance to speak about her love and dedication to animal welfare in this interview. Her cat Monkey is adorable, curious during our interview, and ready for the photo session. 

Peggy’s interview is just a glimpse into her extraordinary journey in which she remains humble despite her monumental impact on many.

Words cannot describe my appreciation for you, Peggy.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview you.

Blanche Macdonald Christmas Party 2016-Peggy and I

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