Zepur Maria T.

Photo by Yukiko Onley

Maria. An incredible woman with a big heart, and a true friend who has become like a Mom to me. Her friendship has given me comfort in the most challenging times, her wisdom and intelligence have inspired me, her kindness and generosity have made me feel loved and appreciated. Having her as part of my life is a blessing, and I cherish every moment spent together. 

Listening to our interviewing tape, I decided that it would be more inspirational for you to listen to the interview. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy listening to the audio. You will be inspired.

How I met Maria: We started as estheticians, and we met during a Darphin training seminar more than 15 years ago. A few months later, we realized that we were living in the same building. It was synchronicity and the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Maria’s story? Maria was born in Beirut, Lebanon. The civil war in 1975 forced many Armenian Lebanese to escape the country. Maria and her family, including her 3 children, came to Vancouver, Canada in 1978.  A few years later, she became a proud Canadian citizen. 


Maria2Like any other immigrant, she had to adapt to a new culture and language, working very hard to make a future for herself and her family. Even in the most challenging times, Maria has not lost her values installed in her by her parents, who had played a huge role in her life. One of the things I admire Maria for is her tenacity, and resilience in challenging situations. She never loses hope and strength, no matter how difficult life might be. She is a TRUE FRIEND who will always be there for a friend no matter what.

Her family is very important to her. Her children and grandchildren mean the world to her, and I feel very humbled by Maria calling me her adopted daughter. I am also grateful to her children who have made me feel as part of the family.

Maria had a very successful career as an esthetician for many decades, appreciated by her colleagues, leaders in the industry, and loved by so many clients. Everywhere she worked, she made an impact.

Maria3 - EditedAnother coincidence is that we both studied esthetics at Blanche Macdonald.  She had the privilege to know the founder of Blanche Macdonald when she was alive, and Maria’s esthetics diploma is signed by Blanche herself. I have been working at Blanche Macdonald for the past 8 years, and I have invited Maria to meet some of our students in the esthetics department. They were really impressed by Maria’s presence and words of wisdom.

All the moments spent with Maria are and will continue to be cherished by me.

MAria5 - Edited

I wish for all my friends to have a Maria in their lives.


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