Ashe V.

You know you are in the presence of a great Woman when you are with Ashe.

Some people have a zest for life and knowledge, and their inquisitive mind leads them on a continuous journey of explorations in order to satisfy their mind and soul. That is Ashe. She opens herself up to many possibilities. 

If you are on a quest to find which path you need to embark on to find your purpose, Ashe’s interview will inspire you.  Intelligence, wisdom, creativity, courage, intuition, kindness, and beauty are just a few of Ashe’s attributes. Her eloquence during the interview, when she shares her incredible journey, and her calm voice will soothe your soul while listening to it.

Make yourself a cup of tea, get cozy and enjoy the interview.

We met for our interview at Mo’s General Store in North Vancouver. This was Ashe’s choice for the location of our interview, it was not accidental. She supports local businesses, which are trying very hard to stay in business against giant corporations and online shopping.


The store is unique, located inside a building with so much history, and at the same time it is modern, and has a strong presence in the community. The store’s mission statement  is “A general store is there to help you prepare for your adventure as well as refuel while you reflect on your adventure.”  What a synchronicity! Writing this blog makes me reflect and celebrate my connections over the years with inspiring women, and I hope that their stories will inspire the next generation of young women as they are trying to find their purpose. Here is the link to the store:

One of Ashe’s accomplishments was her business, Eclipse Beauty Supply, which provided exceptional services and education to many estheticians in Canada for more than twenty years. Her knowledge of the industry and the integrity of her advice make her an Extraordinary Esthetician.

After working very hard for more than two decades, she decided to sell her business (which I can imagine was not an easy step). She took one year sabbatical to reflect on her next chapter in life. As an entrepreneur, knowing when to let go of something that you have built , takes courage. Ashe’s courage to explore and re-invent herself inspires me to remember my dreams, and to start doing something about them rather than just dreaming.

Ashe loves animals. Her love for animals is going to take her on a journey, where her intuitive and healing skills will help and guide many pet owners.

I would like to share with you a funny story about  fireworks and their special meaning in our friendship.

One year, I invited Ashe over in order to celebrate her birthday. We were sitting on the balcony, after a delicious Romanian meal, enjoying a glass of wine and dessert. Jokingly,  I was telling Ashe that there should be a fireworks show starting soon for her special B-Day. Before I even finished my sentence, fireworks started at the marina across my balcony. You can imagine the look on our faces. I said to Ashe, “remember, my birthday is in December”. She said: “I am leaving the country, I cannot top this”. She was indeed leaving the country to travel the world on a well deserved sabbatical.  Later we found out that the fireworks on her birthday were for an engineering show which took place at the New Convention Center.

The following year, we were having dinner a very nice local restaurant, The Lift Bar and Grill. The restaurant has magnificent views of the ocean and mountains, and it is located in Coal Harbour, Vancouver.  While we were enjoying our dessert, I was telling Ashe that I was not going to let her down and that there were going to be fireworks soon. Sure enough, fireworks started five minutes later. We were both speechless. Really, speechless. You can imagine the jokes and the laughter afterwards. Not to mention the expectations for Ashe for my Birthday!!! That time there was another convention taking place, and the fireworks were part of the closing event.

The third year, I was not feeling well, so I had to cancel the dinner planned for Ashe’s birthday. However, I was jokingly telling her, that it was too late to cancel the fireworks, and it was the least I could do for her birthday. Sure enough, that night, another fireworks show came as a surprise, and I texted Ashe to make sure that she likes them.

I think the fireworks symbolically celebrate the wonderful friendship we have developed over the years. I really respect and admire Ashe, and I always look forward to our conversations filled with so much authenticity and of course, laughter, lots of it…



Thank you Ashe for being a true friend, and for the wonderful moments spent together which have inspired my mind, soul and my heart. Looking forward to more memories spent together. 



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  1. SIMONA – thank you so much for sharing our time together.
    I hope it will spark joy & deliver a sense of inspiration to your listeners & your fans!
    Here’s to many more blond, happy & silly times together.

    Lotsa xox sistar!


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