Pascale C.

Photography by Simona Gozner

Ma Cheri Pascale,

Larger than life. She is beautiful, funny, smart, and tres chic!!

We met when she was interviewing me for an esthetician position at the Versailles spa, where she was working as Head Esthetician. After my long practical interview (which included too many services…she just wanted to be pampered!!) we both felt like we had known each other for a long time. I was looking forward to be working with and learning from her if she were to offer me the position. A few days later, she called me to offer me the job, but I respectfully declined because in the meantime, I had been promoted at my workplace.

However, when people are supposed to come into your life, they will come sooner or later.

I did not hear from Pascale for a few years. Meanwhile, I changed my work place, and worked at another spa for about two years, until the spa closed down. Before looking for another job, I decided to spend some valuable time with my son and went to visit family back in Romania for a few weeks. Upon my return from my holiday, I found many voice messages from Pascale, asking me if I wanted to work at Spa Ethos (where she had been for a few years) because she was going on maternity leave. I called her back, accepted the offer and we started working together. That was the beginning of our wonderful FRIENDSHIP.

I learned so much from Pascale.

Her interview will remind you to have hope even in the most difficult times, and to surround yourself with good people.

Pascale is direct, authentic and a very loyal friend. However, it takes a while for her to call someone her friend, but once she does, she is truly committed to the friendship. 

We have shared so many beautiful memories over the years.

At Spa Ethos, alongside wonderful colleagues like Eugenia, Farin, Sophie, Maria and Daniela, Pascale’s career has taken her around the world, and she has no hesitation to share her expertise, and passion for esthetics with junior estheticians who need mentorship. Experienced estheticians reach out to Pascale for advice, and she always finds time to help them. Her high standards for the industry, and fairness in treating her colleagues, make Pascale a wonderful teammate. 

During the interview, I also found out that she is a graduate of Blanche Macdonald makeup program.

We have had many marvelous memories with her full of life and inspirational French women friends, who accepted me into their circle as their “amie”.  You do not know the meaning of ‘joie de vivre” until you have spent one evening in their presence. They are full of life, laughter, humor, and of course, great fashion style. Merci Pascale for introducing me to Marie-Noelle, Natalie, Marie-France, Sylvie, Lorraine, and Katherine.

Pascale 2-01-01

2012 – My B-day with Pascale and Marie-Noelle


Dinner with Pascale, Lorraine and Marie-Noelle

Lovely memories at her home, where she made me feel welcome so many times. Great conversations over delicious French cuisine, birthday celebrations, or summer picnics. 

Pascale's_home  A couple of years ago, I was working on a photography project, and I had the privilege to photograph Pascale with her mother and her daughter Camille. It was magical to capture a family portrait of three generations. It is one of my favorite pictures. camille10-0755

Three years ago, Pascale, myself, Silvia D. and Silvia P, created a group of friends called “Les Cherries” with the intention of trying something new every month that is fun, creative and inspires us. Pascale’s daughter, Camille, has joined us in many activities from learning how to make macarons, pottery, or for dinners in unique restaurants. She is part of Les Cherries!!! We have our “Sisterhood divine moments” which probably make Camille smile quite often. She is the darling of the group.

Cherries - Edited


Pascale C3

I admire so many things about Pascale, but her courage and strength in dealing with her breast cancer has made me commend her, and taught me so much about life and strength. Going through what she has gone through, including chemo, surgeries, or searching for new treatments, did not stop Pascale from being Pascale. She is the life of the party, and her energy and smile are contagious.

Pascale is a Great MOM. Her kids, Hugo and Camille are everything to her.

I also learned from Ma Cheri Pascale to respect a friend’s wish to be alone, when she goes trough difficult times and wants to see nobody in order to find her strength. The first instinct of a friend is to help a friend in need as much as one can, but sometimes it could be overbearing and not (helpful)  at all.

Pascale’s friendship is so precious to me.

A few years back, she gave me a great book as a gift on my B-Day. One of the pages describes Pascale’s charisma.


Merci Ma Cheri for being in my life.



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