Being 49 for one more day

Today, I am celebrating being 49 for one more day. I still cannot fathom, that I am turning 50 tomorrow. That is half of a century. Each milestone birthday makes us reflect on our past, count our blessings, or regret the things we never tried but wanted to do.

Yesterday, I had an Amazing early birthday party with a Wonderful group of women who have inspired me over the years. I am grateful to call them friends and cherish the moments spent together.

My plan for the past year, has been to interview 49 women who are very dear to me, and to blog about their unique stories in order to inspire other women. However, I have not completed my plan before I am turning 50, but I am learning to go with the flow to accomplish my goal.

Today, I enjoyed a cappuccino with “My Habibi” at the 49th Parallel coffee & Lucky’s Doughnuts, to prepare for the arrival of my 50th birthday.

I am blessed.

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