It is not Adieu, Ma Chérie Pascale

Your passing yesterday shattered my whole being, and it is unimaginable to accept that you are not with us anymore. Your stoic journey against cancer took you to the final destination, but your impact on everyone you met is alive. I am writing this post as a tribute to you, My Dear Friend.

Where do I begin to tell the world what an Exceptional person you were? 

As a Mom, Your kids meant the world to you. You are their Guardian Angel now.

As an Esthetician, you inspired many colleagues to strive for excellence, care and not forget to have fun in the process. I was one of them. You took me under your wings when we worked together, and I learn so much just by watching you. You shared your knowledge with passion and wanted what is best for everyone. Some people might not have readily accepted your sincerity and directiveness. Still, it demonstrated the strength of your character and fairness. You believed in bringing the best in people, and those who were very fortunate to be taught by you, become better thanks to YOU. Your clients LOVED you, and you never LET them down. You put your heart and soul into all the services and treated everybody equally. 

As a Friend, as you said in our many conversations, you loved good, sincere and positive people. You were the shining light of any party!! You brightened the room!! Your laughter, your passion for life, and your sense of humour were contagious. We are all very hurt now, but you would want us to celebrate all the beautiful memories we created over the years. Your beautiful “French ladies,” as I used to tease you, put together a beautiful slide show that I will share on this posting.

Our group of “ Romanian Ladies,” also known as “ Les Cherries,” Adored you. We will continue to cherish all the magical moments spent with you. Camille is our “Cherrie”. We will keep our promise to you.

Ma Chérie, Pascale, you will always be in my heart.

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